Matthew 10:34 (Luke 2:35, Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12, Revelation 1:16)
“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” And so the Lord said in Matthew 10:34. It is a double-edged sword. You cannot hold it, for it cuts you, in the very same moment that you try to wield it against another. We are all equal at the foot of the Cross. Each, a decrepit sinner, trying to hide or conceal his or her darkest fantasies.
Understand the time that we are in: Our Lord cometh. The day is soon at hand. Forget what calming lie you have heard from the pulpit, or misdirection that we’re going to “return to normal” on television. Forget the fantasy that you: a decrepit and deceitful sinner, completely unworthy of salvation, will somehow be given a ‘free pass’ from all the earthly retribution to come. Forget the fantasy that you alone (and a number of others about to be ‘taken away’) are more worthy than other sinners like you. If you believe in the sacrifice of Christ to clear your sins, and have repented to refrain from returning to your old ways, His forgiveness is upon you. But, His anger is not removed from the nation you live in. The collective sins of the earthly community still rise up to the heavens, demanding His justice.
Do you think that the Lord does not hear the cries for justice from the unborn who are slain in an effort to facilitate endless promiscuity? Do you think that the Lord does not hear the prayers of those who have been oppressed by viscious mandates, taking away their ability to keep their jobs and provide for themselves and their families? Are the ears of the Lord blocked from the cries of those sexually abused by predators in pulpits, in gyms, or other places of trust? Are the eyes of the Lord unable to sees the lies and corruption in the houses of government, or the houses with His name upon them, and the pleas of those afflicted by those rulers?
The Lord did not engineer this time of great division for you all to be excepted, no matter how dark your minds wander. He did not bring forth the harvest that you could sail through with little knowledge of who He is, but to go once a week to a building and claim the forgiveness that only He can offer and validate the sincerity of, by the evidence of your heart. He did not hold others who have come before you to a higher standard than you. He did not let such a faithful follower like Job suffer, lose his family and all his belongings on earth, but be ok to keep you from all earthly tribulation: while you’re tailgating with a 12 pack on a Sunday, instead of taking time to praise Him, because the football game is going to be an ‘important’ one. He did not instruct Noah to prepare for countless years, building a marvelous vessel of wood to secure the remnant of all life, but keep you from all the judgments of nations because you are proficient at moving your lips and your hips at high speed in sync with a ‘rap’ of Christian ‘worship’.
This is the time of truth. This is the time when all shall be revealed, and only the righteous shall stand.
Are you worthy? Am I worthy? Do not exalt yourself, for none come close to the worthiness of our God, who hung upon a cross, that we (devilish and like dogs scouraging for scraps) might have justification upon the Day of Judgment. The Lord’s gift of salvation is to exempt us from damnation on Judgment Day…not to exempt us from all His wrath upon an evil earth.
If you turn from sin, the Lord may be merciful in your days on earth, giving you peace and comfort when others know strife and suffering. But if you continue in sin, remember that you are like dogs returning to eat their own spew ….
… Yet, the Lord is gracious indeed. And merciful even in your regression to sin, if your heart is purely fixed upon Him. He was willing to sacrifice Himself, that YOU …and I… Might be justified on the Day of Judgment. That the Sword of Truth may be slung upon your shoulder…and instead of your blood streaming from the wound, you will find His blood cleansing you. Redeeming you, and sanctifying you, you most unworthy sinner. THIS is the Lord you shall spend eternity with, if you are willing. If you remember who you are, and who He is.
May you be willing to set aside your pride. May you be willing to forget every thing you have done which you thought had importance. May you be willing to humble yourself unto the Creator of all things, Who loves you enough to experience mortal death as a blameless sacrifice in your stead, that you might enjoy an eternity of peace with Him.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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